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Tomislav Kovacevic

You can only be really good at something if you enjoy doing it. Living my passion brings results.
I love to take photographs, innovate solutions and present ideas.

Innovative Ideas

What I do

Photography and Video


Studio, Timelapse, Product, Portrait,
Child, Wedding, Landscape, Macro...


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Full HD video, Timelapse video.


Original ideas.

Which of my photographs is my favourite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow.

Imogen Cunningham

Meet the team

Hello, here I am ;)

Tomislav Kovacevic

Tomislav Kovačević


You all know the usual story - An IT guy who falls in love with photography ;). That's it, the whole story ;)

I bought my first DSLR camera Canon EOS 40D in 2009.

Starting as a hobby based on positive comments from my friends and familly, it soon began to develop into something more.

In the beginning I used to blame the quality of my photographs on the equipment I used but as you learn you start to realize that the most important ingredient is in fact behind the camera. You can follow my learning curve on flickr.

I'm proud of where I stand today in the world of photography - constantly challenging myself and making people's ideas come true.

Today I shoot with Canon EOS 5D Mark II and Canon EOS 550D

You can find/follow/like me and my work on any of these social networks:

My Portfolio

Why choose me

Because I always try to do better than last time, and I deliver.
You can easily talk to me and I can give you another perspective on your already great idea.
Here is what I do, split into categories:

Why to choose me

Being on top of the mountain or in the field in fresh air, is where I really love to be.

With wide angle lens I'm capable of making amazing landscape photos including wide panoramas, time-lapses, HDR, video and much more.

I love to capture beauty invisible to the naked eye.

No matter if I take macro shots in nature or in studio with Canon EF 100mm f2.8 lens I can make those shots look amazing.

No matter if we are talking about boats, houses, apartments, cars or bottles of wine I have the equipment to make those shots look professional.

Photographing other people at their best is a challenge I accept.

Impossible poses, actions: flying, crashing, impacts, water, high speed photography are just some of the possibilities.

You are planning amazing, unforgettable trips with your friends, family, partner, and you would like to capture those moments.

I love to travel and meet new people. You don't want those unforgettable moments to be just memories in your head! What are you waiting for, hire me!

Weddings, Night Life, Concerts, Shows, Restaurants, ...

I'm communicative and easy going which allows me to get closer to people and take cool shots!

Events where I was the main photographer: TYW(The Yacht Week), Screen on the Green. .

What are you waiting for Let's get started and make your ideas, wishes reality!


Taking into account that every job is unique I prefer to discuss the terms after I get completely acquainted with your needs and demands.

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